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Balls To the Wall

Balls to the wall. That saying has a different meaning for a lot of people. If you are an athlete, it probably means you are doing your best and pushing yourself. If you are like me, it means it is time to start canning!!! Every summer around Labor Day, I start pulling my Ball jars …


Mobster Lobsters

We came home to a surprise on Saturday….a box of lobsters from Boston. LIVE LOBSTERS!!!! Have you ever had a box delivered to your house that moved?! It was just crazy. It was somewhat shocking to me to see them moving about. As a carnivore, I understand that before my food gets in a pretty …


We Belong Together

On September 7, 1998 I woke up singing these lyrics: You’re mine and we belong together Yes, we belong together, for eternity  You’re mine; your lips belong to me Yes, they belong to only me, for eternity You’re mine, my baby and you’ll always be I swear by everything I own you’ll always, always be …