Zoiks!!!  I am cutting it close this month.  I’ve been doing great keeping my New Year’s Resolutions but I almost let February slip by without cooking the cover of the February Bon Appétit. I will admit I was procrastinating on this one.  It was not that Chicken and Dumplings with Mushrooms wasn’t appealing to me.  (Actually Chicken and Dumpling are terms of endearment in this house.) The problem is that I didn’t want to use chicken thighs.  I know the higher fat content of thighs keeps them from drying out when cooked for long periods of time.  But there is just something about the textureRead More →

As a fan of all things food, I love to see the development of a meal.  I watch television shows on cooking and read an innate amount of cookbooks just so I can study and mimic how exceptional meals develop. One of my preferred shows to watch is Iron Chef because of the great skill it takes to truly think outside of the box.  I always cheer for Jose Garces for a couple of reasons.  First, he is a “local” guy with one of my favorite restaurants in Chicago.  (Mercat a la Planxa).  Second, his cookbooks (Latin Evolution and The Latin Road Home) are not onlyRead More →

That is it!!!  I’ve had it!!!  This winter is absurd!!  Yes, I know I live in the Midwest BUT that doesn’t mean I have to be flogged by snow every 3 days.  I was feeling like there was a light at the end of the igloo but this morning we are getting hit again!  (And why is that when a storm hits us we don’t get to name it but when it hits the east coast it gets a fun name?) I miss being able to just go out without thinking about the roads or if my trip is absolutely necessary.  My time snowed inRead More →

Valentine’s Day.  If you have a schmoopie-woopie, cuddle-pie in your life, you probably look forward to a day of love and romance.  (Or if you are married it is just another day that ends in ‘y’.) But this year I want to focus on my readers who don’t have that special someone in their life.  You know who you are. Once you see that calendar turn to February, you silently mumble and swear how it is just a holiday for florists, card stores and the chocolate shops. You start questioning the relevance of everything you see and hear. You turn on the TV and allRead More →

This February has been VERY popular for competitions.  There was the Super Bowl.  (But I think more people watched the Puppy Bowl.)  The Winter Olympics are in full force in Sochi.  (Speaking of puppies, wouldn’t Sochi be a good puppy name?)  And then there was Foodies Show Heart this past Sunday at RA Sushi in Lombard, Illinois. In case you are behind on your Felt Like a Foodie blogs,  RA Sushi in Lombard had asked local food writers/bloggers (I was one of them) to each create a one-of-a-kind sushi roll as part of the first “Foodies Show Heart” charity competition Sunday afternoon. From 1 toRead More →

I usually save this kind of information for my “news” page but I am getting so many questions about Valentine’s Day suggestions that I thought I’d post on some of the specials that I have heard about this week. But before I do that…if you are in the Western suburbs of Chciago this Sunday.  Make sure you stop by RA Sushi in Lombard between 1-3 PM to help support me and the 100 Club of DuPage County in the Foodies Show Heart Event. My tradition is to cook a meal for my sweetheart or my husband each year.  But for those of you who can’tRead More →

I have a shocking confession to make to you today.  I hope you are sitting down.  Put down any hot liquids so you don’t burn yourself.  Ready?  I am not perfect.  (Sit for a second and let this shocking news sink in before you read any further.) It is kind of like a supermodel that goes out in a ponytail; she can’t be gorgeous all the time.   (Okay, I don’t really relate to that comparison.)  Or like a personal trainer eating a donut, he just wants a treat.  (Now we are talking!)  Or is it like a foodie who buys her ravioli? As much asRead More →