“Here we come on the run with a burger on a bun…”  Do you know this song?  It is technically the Car Hop song from the Flintstones but I think it should be the new theme song of Rockit Bar and Grill’s Burger Fest! Celebrated at both Rockit Bar & Grill (22 W. Hubbard) and Rockit Burger Bar (3700 N. Clark), the 8th Annual Burger Fest will be offering five new inventive burgers each day this week (June 24-June 28). During the Stone Age, a burger may have been considered creative if the chef used a fresh tomato instead of ketchup.  But Executive Chef AmandaRead More →

I think I told you once that I worked as a bench chemist in a small lab in Illinois.  (I do have my degree so don’t try this at home!)  A lot of my time was spent starting a reaction in the morning and then waiting for the right moments to add more ingredients chemicals. There is a lot of time drawing out diagrams, doing calculations and chatting with your co-workers.  (I think I talked more than most of the people but that shouldn’t surprise anyone who has ever tried to have a conversation with me.) I worked mostly with boys (I could call themRead More →

I am an aunt.  Have I ever told you that?  I am not just an aunt because my siblings have had kids (I think we have 12 between both of our families) but I am an aunt to my friend’s kids. I am not the crazy-spoil your kid kind of aunt.  I am more of the say silly stuff; give you food treats kind of aunt.  (Sometimes I am the grumpy aunt who will frown when behavior or manners are lacking.) I am also the aunt who discusses underpants because it makes the little kids laugh.  (It also makes me laugh because of the memoriesRead More →

Like most people, I have goals.  Some of them are simple…like clean the bathroom closet.  Some of them are a bit more complex…like take a vacation in Italy. Some of my goals involve my husband.  (Um, I’m not going to share that one!)  Some of them are completely independent of him…like taking particular cooking classes in the city. But I’ve had one goal that has haunted me for years.  It is a goal that many people have achieved gloriously but I never have quite gotten there.  I’ve watched people do it effortlessly and been completely envious. Pulled Pork!  Why is pulled pork so easy forRead More →