If I am skimming through a magazine and see a picture of food, I tend to want that food…now!  It becomes a challenge when there is a mystery ingredient in the picture.  It may look familiar but there are times I need a little help figuring out just what to do. A few years back, I saw a picture of a crab cake in a magazine.  It was a beautifully browned cake sitting upon some sort of avocado relish with sweet potato strings on top.  The mystery in the picture were the swirls of brown sauce surrounding the cake. I started to compare the pictureRead More →

When you think about lunch, what kind of food does that make you think about?  Do you think of it just as fuel to get you through the day or is it a welcomed break to your busy day? In our house, my husband and I have the luxury of sharing a lot of lunches together.  He works close to home and when time permits, he likes to come home to his favorite lunch counter. As much as I enjoy his company, I must admit that it is sometimes a challenge to make lunch exciting.  I do make my fair share of lunchmeat sandwiches andRead More →

Out of nowhere the other day, my friend asked me if I had a favorite peninsula.  I had to chuckle when I replied that I loved the Yucatan Peninsula, doesn’t everyone?  She, of course, asked when I had gone there.  I said only my taste buds had been there via their Sopa de Lima soup.  Apparently my humor was not appreciated because after an eye roll and sigh, she changed the topic. I, on the other hand, relived my first awareness of the Yucatan Peninsula in my head. I will admit that I could not find the Yucatan Peninsula on a map if I tried. Read More →

When I first started taking cooking classes, the chef who was teaching the class made it a rule that you tasted everything.  It was a scary road for an ex-picky eater but I knew it was the only path to go if I were to ever become a foodie. In one particular class, she brought out this crazy looking vegetable called fennel.  It looked like a giant spring onion bulb with celery stalks popping out of it.  The bonus was that this vegetable looked like it was wearing a dark green feather boa on top of the celery stalks.  In case I’m not descriptive enough,Read More →

I honestly can’t tell you how many times a year he asks for it.  I lose count.  I want to be a good wife and give it to him but I just don’t like it very much.  But as many of us know, you need to compromise in a relationship.   So dutifully, I promised him that I would give it to him once a year whether I enjoyed it or not. It only seems appropriate that he got it on St. Patrick’s Day, the luckiest day of the year.  Yes, today would be the day I make him Corned Beef!!! I’m not sure what IRead More →

As much as I love to cook, I still have nights that it seems like a chore.  I don’t think it is the actually process of making the food that wears me out, it is the fact that I’ll have to clean it up when it’s done. I’ve tried to leave clean up until the next morning but that is bad scenario in itself.  The dishes are harder to clean and there is no joy in waking up to a mess.  I learned the hard way that fairies do not come into the house and clean your kitchen when you sleep.  Garden gnomes don’t doRead More →

I love soups that can be considered a meal.  They are warm and completely satisfying while only dirtying one pot. Plus it gives me an excuse to eat with a spoon and I love to spoon! To me, there is nothing better than homemade soup.  In canned soup, the flavors seem to mush into each other and the veggies have lost their bite.  In homemade soups, each ingredient is allowed to evolve on its own.  If you close your eyes and take a bite, you can taste each piece of celery, carrot or chicken.  The other part is by tasting the soup as you goRead More →

Recently, my in-laws sent us a ten-pound box of tangelos from Florida. I thought it was wonderful to have some wonderful, fresh Florida fruit to brighten our winter. But then I was honest with myself because I didn’t know where a tangelo fit in the citrus family. Why hadn’t I heard about this “black sheep” of citrus? I’ve come to learn that a tangelo is a hybrid of tangerine or grapefruit. They seem to resemble the size of a grapefruit but have the piquant taste of a tangerine. (Props to Scrabble Bill for using piquant, 92 points, in our most recent game). The other endearingRead More →

  I have found as an ex-picky eater that the more I learn about a food, the better odds I will have to prepare it perfectly.  But what do you do with a food that has a bad reputation like Okra.  It doesn’t matter what I read about okra, someone will mention the “slime”. I’m sure Okra isn’t thrilled with it’s name always being assoiated with slime.  So I took it on myself yesterday to clear Okra’s good name. I found 3 general thoughts on cooking the slime away. The first, suggests to freeze it.  The second was to wash, dry, steam, and dry again. Read More →

Do you ever see a dish on the television that looks so good you just have to eat it?  You may know nothing about what is on the plate but the yummy noises coming from the chef making it has convinced you that you want that meal. I am one of the thousands of people who love to watch cooking programs on television.  The banter the television chef provides entertains me while I am learning something new.  One of my favorite chefs is Gordon Ramsay.  Yes, I know people don’t like his abrasiveness on American television but if you watch him on the BBC heRead More →